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Madtale: Idle RPG
Madtale: Idle RPG Gameplay First Impressions

Madtale: Idle RPG Gameplay First Impressions

5K View2023-03-31
In this Madtale: Idle RPG Gameplay First Impressions video, we take a look at the game's basic controls and gameplay.
After playing through the game's introductory levels, we give our first impressions of Madtale: Idle RPG. We're excited to see how the game develops and whether its unique idle RPG gameplay will captivate players enough to keep them coming back for more!
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This is a walk-through and first impression gameplay of the new idle rpg Madtale. This video comes with a mini soft launch guide. Feel free to join my Discord for easy access. Download Madtale *SOFT LAUNCH* Check your country! https://madtale.onelink.me/M9Nm/e466fbec #madtale      -Discord- https://discord.gg/K9pWzgtSfX      -Mail- [email protected]      -Polls- youtube.com/cvmg107 Wish to peruse tasteful artistic photos? Visit my wife's Etsy Shop!
Madtale - Idle RPG | Beta Test Announcement
Hi all adventurers! Thank you for joining the beta test of Madtale - Idle RPG! Official Discord: https://discord.gg/gaukDc2HF5 (You can find the exclusive gift code after joining Official Discord)       Beta Test will open at 10:00 on June 21 (GMT+8) and end at 18:00 on June 24 (GMT+8). After this test, your data will be deleted.     The current version is still in an early version, and the experience and value settings in the game still need to be optimized. Therefore, we hope that you can share your suggestions about the game when you enjoy the adventure of Madtale. we will seriously reply to your suggestions and record them!
Archosaur Games5K2022-06-21
Madtale Idle RPG Global Launch Gameplay (Bluestacks, iOS, Android) - Part 1
Madtale Idle RPG Global Launch Gameplay (Bluestacks, iOS, Android) - Part 1 Madtale Idle RPG is now officially released on both Android and iOS. You can download from Google Playstore and iOS Apple Appstore. Game Mode: Online Size : 1 GB Device : Bluestacks Like and subscribe for more awesome gaming videos for Android and iOS. ---------------------------------------- Join Our Discord Server ►► https://discord.gg/hXRHKjV
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