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Yeager: Hunter Legend
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Absolute banger of a game. Good graphics, good combat system, overall very good game. U will be completing the main story by going on the missions (expedition) in which there will be some low lvl and main monster which u have to fight.
Have huge lag spikes at least in my phone which can run genshin with some lag. Game feels kinda boring tbh. It would've been better if the game was open world and there was some side quests or some exploring like. The graphics could be more to the realistic, the graphics feels rough and rigid. I don't know why it lag so much some time and run pretty smooth other time. Also it heats up phone too.
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Game is good, plays really smooth, visuals and art is top notch. Only downside is constant loading when you navigate, horrible gacha rates even after the changes, battery drain is bad and my device gets hot even on the lowest settings. I also play Genshin on max settings and my phone only gets a little warm so optimization is the issue with this game.
Probably the best adventurous game I've ever played.No doubt the graphics is amazin.My ar is 40 I've completed many archon quest , world quest.have completed many events. Played with friends and cousins , defeated many boss. • • • Overall it's really good game. But I suggest you not to play this on mobile atleast not in android device 💀 because of heating issues iOS maybe good for this. I rather play it on my laptop than play it on mobile
+ Gameplay looks decent + The story seems okay, nothing overwhelming or anything, but acceptably good - I had very low framerates (~10) with low texture/graphics quality at max settings while my phone was hardly doing anything. Very underwhelming sadly
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