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Eggy Party: trendy party game
Eggy Party Soft Launch in Phillipines on April 21st

Eggy Party Soft Launch in Phillipines on April 21st

1K View2023-04-22
Eggy Party, developed by NetEase Games, is an exciting party game that takes you on a journey to Eggy Island, where you and your Eggy Friends will break through absurd obstacles and have a great time. The game has several features that make it a must-play for anyone who loves party games.
The first feature is the EGGYVERSE. Here, you get to become a cute eggy and join the lively Eggy Island. You can ride the giant ferris wheel, the funny trampoline, the floor piano, and the football field. There are many other attractions waiting for you to explore. You can dive into the world of Eggy and experience the fun and excitement of the party.
The second feature is teaming up with other cute Eggies. You can team up with cute Eggies in different styles, such as fluffy, fantasy, and sweet. You can choose the style that suits you and power through obstacles together with your Eggy friends. It's time to have fun and enjoy the party with your friends.
The third feature is the world full of party and play. You can join different parties, bump and hug with friends in the game, and enjoy the party with your friends. However, be careful with the obstacles and avoid other Eggies. The game is all about having fun and playing all night long.
The fourth and final feature is the Eggy Workshop. Here, you can create your own maps and enjoy them with your friends. You can try out unique maps and let your imagination fly. The Eggy Workshop is the perfect place for those who love to create and experiment.
In conclusion, Eggy Party is an amazing party game that takes you on a journey to Eggy Island. With its fun and exciting features, you can experience the world of Eggy and have a great time with your Eggy Friends. Join the different parties, create your own maps, and enjoy the party with your friends!
The game will have a soft launch in the Philippines on April 21st to go alongside the new sports season Doggy Dash.
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Eggy Party - Soft Launch on April 21, 2023 in PH | Worth Playing?
Eggy party is a multiplayer casual action fast paced rpg mobile game with lots of amazing characters and arenas to battle in. Retweet, Like and Comment on Eggy Party FB soft launch post to get a chance to win upto 50 USD gift card! This game is definitely going to provide crazy action gameplay experience with cute characters which I think is really worth waiting for to try it out! Cheers!
EGGY PARTY | Official launch in Southeast Asia!
About the game The anticipation has been sizzling, and today, the wait is finally over! Gamers across Southeast Asia, brace yourselves – the most awaited game, Eggy Party, is now available for download. Event and Battle pass To mark its launch, the game is introducing the "Rock and Roll" season, and New party pass. Rock and Roll event is allowing players to indulge in a series of musically-themed activities. By completing various activity tasks, players can earn musical notes, which can then be exchanged for Rock Coins in the Season Store.Some of the must-have items this season include the "Dynamic Heart Glasses", a nifty "Music Player", and not forgetting the ultra-cool "Top Hits Kid" avatar. It's time to embrace the rockstar in you!🚀 Unlock the New Party Pass
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