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Rainbow Six Mobile
Rainbow six mobile close beta News!

Rainbow six mobile close beta News!

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Rainbow Six Mobile Close Beta!
The Close Beta We All Been Waiting For Is Almost Here! R6 Mobile Close Beta Is Starting In June 2023!
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Rainbow Six Mobile Close Beta coming in 7 territories
Ubisoft announced in a presentation that Rainbow Six Mobile will be able to be played in the Close Beta of September 12 
Denis de la Timișoara112022-09-11
Rainbow Six Mobile: Closed Beta 2.0 !!!
Rainbow Six Mobile: Closed Beta 2.0 Hello Operators,We’re alive! Since finishing our Closed Beta last fall, we’ve been working hard on R6M. We know it's been tough waiting for updates, and we all appreciate your patience waiting for us to drop the next round of news! Closed Beta Learnings Last fall, thousands of Operators in eight territories around the world joined us in our Closed Beta. Watching you play our game that we’ve spent years developing was pretty magical. We received an abundance of valuable feedback from those who played. That feedback, combined with data we collected, has helped us make several improvements to the game since then.
Rainbow Six Mobile: Closed Beta 2.0 will begin June 6th, 2023
The next Closed Beta test will begin June 6th, 2023, and will be open for six weeks. Players who have pre-registered in the following countries will have a chance at receiving an invite via Google Play: Canada U.S Mexico Brazil Singapore Philippines India France U.K Germany Italy Spain Japan South Korea Australia What can you expect in this Closed Beta? The Operators and the maps that were accessible during our previous Beta will remain, along with a few additions:
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