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903 View2023-05-12
Toram is my favorite game ❤️ I'm very disappointed about Tap Tap since I can't play Toram because of the update... Idk why it takes to much to get the update in time or at least in the next day, come on I have 3 days waiting for the update ready...
Re: now it's a week without update f Tap Tap...
Re: 3 weeks what a...
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This game nice but tap tap version is not release please taptap get new version
emirhan çınar1K2023-03-24
the game is so good but the updates in tap tap come late
Samin Alz1K2023-01-18
Oh a new update! Time to wait for 3 weeks for taptap to update again 😃 srsly tho why does it take Soo long for them to update X-X the game itself is not bad but if your device is capable of downloading crk I'd recommend you to install it through play store instead. It will literally take them years to update so it's not worth waiting for it + you will miss the new Disney event 😐
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TapTap looks better

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