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Valiant Force 2
A surprisingly solid gacha take on Final Fantasy Tactics

A surprisingly solid gacha take on Final Fantasy Tactics

3K View2023-05-15
There's never not a new gacha game just around the corner, but I'm still always going to try them and see if they're any good. Luckily I can report that the recently launched Valiant Force 2? Yeah, it's pretty good!
Like many gacha games, Valiant Force 2 is an RPG, but it leans more on the strategy side of things, with a battle system that reminded me of long nights spent grinding away at Final Fantasy Tactics on the PlayStation. Between some delightfully challenging encounters and a compelling job system, I've been glued to my phone for over a week now working through the fairly lengthy main story campaign.
Valiant Force 2's main missions are also aided by fairly high production values. The game features occasional fully animated cutscenes, including the one I grabbed the screenshot above from, which plays when you roll the gacha. The script has also received a very strong English translation, which is not the norm for this style of game. Sure, the story is fairly generic fantasy/anime stuff, but at least I can actually follow what's going on and get to know the characters. That's more than I can say for most gacha games!
As for the gacha itself, it seems relatively generous so far, but you know these games tend to get much worse later on. Still, if I'm able to get through the main missions with what I've received without spending money so far, I'll be totally happy. This one's absolutely worth a shot if you like gacha RPGs!
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Finally, a Good Gacha RPG
Gorgeous graphics, strategic turn based combat, fully voice acted and rendered cut scenes, hours and hours of content on launch, guaranteed 5 stars, quality music, exceptionally well optimized for mobile, fun a multitude of fun puzzles. Extremely F2P friendly. I don't know who's telling you this game isnt F2P friendly but every free unit is capable of clearing the content. Im F2P and Pulled 3 Five-Stars, as well as the handful of free 5 and garunteed 4 stars the game gives you. There's also no PVP.
ad Boo Radley812023-05-02
Fantastic Gacha Game! (In My Opinion)
Gameplay´╗┐ The Game has typical Turn Based Fighting Mechanics Which I am personally a Very Big Fan Of, The Flow of Battle is Very Smooth and The Animations And Effects in Combat are Very Pleasing to look at and Well Made. As with All Gacha Games Some Characters are Better than others, This Game does a Very Good Job in my Opinion in making lower Tier Characters Feel Useable or in some Cases Better than some of the higher Tier Characters in the game when fundementally used properly in there respective areas that they excel at which is a Good Indicator of Reasonably Fair Gameplay Catered to low spenders (Dolphins) or F2P players while still providing plenty to those who spend. I Havnt Encountered a wall yet that i know i cant pass without spending Money.
A game made for me!!
Note my review is for the CN version which has been running for about a year now. Characters are good. I won't say that they are particularly outstanding, but they have good art and are well-developed to be above most gacha games. Also, before you ask - yes, there are husbandos in Girls' Frontline. Now that's a husbando. Media is amazing. The UI/UX is a bit generic, but it is clean and minimalist, and a huge improvement from Girls' Frontline. The Character Art is great; the Live2D Skins are really high quality.
Drip Commander4K2022-11-15
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