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Cats & Soup brings May Queen Attendance Event event with new exciting rewards

Cats & Soup brings May Queen Attendance Event event with new exciting rewards

317 View2023-05-16
Guess what? NEOWIZ just dropped some awesome news about the May Queen Attendance Event happening all month long in Cats & Soup!
We're talking about some seriously exclusive goodies like the fashionable May's Beret, the chic May's Spring Outfit, and oh, did we mention brilliant diamonds too? Yep, they're all up for grabs in this event.
So mark your calendars and get ready to jump in on the fun. Don't miss out on this epic event that's guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. Happy gaming, folks!
Get ready for some exciting news coming your way in May. Introducing the brand-new "Kitty Picture Studio" in our village, where photo missions now reward up to five times more prizes! Brighten up your space and enjoy the exclusive "Dino Buddy T. rex Set" and "Dino Buddy Triceratops Set" with limited-time bundles.
And that's not all—personalize your spot with the trendy "Camping Tipi Tent Skin"!But wait, there's more! NEOWIZ has teamed up with the popular mobile keyboard program "PlayKeyboard" for a one-of-a-kind giveaway.
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Cats & Soup | May Queen Attendance Event | New Exciting Rewards
The May Queen Attendance Event, which is taking place this month till the end in Cats & Soup, has been announced by NEOWIZ. As you check in and receive one fantastic free special surprise each day, get ready for a daily dose of excitement! Oh hey, this isn’t just any old loot we’re talking about. Exclusive goods like the fashionable May’s Beret, the chic May’s Spring Outfit, and of course, brilliant diamonds will also be available at this event.
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07/27 update [Winner announced] 1st place: NONAME 2nd place: Anya 3rd place: Aji Mundi Congratulations! We will contact you via post comments in 14 working days. 🐱What will happen when cats encounter a roguelike strategy adventure, plus a super flexible AI-powered skill system? Meet Purrfect Journey, an indie roguelike game where you embark on your journey as a cat, use the unique AI-generated skills from your order, and slay the enemies!
TapTap Editor8272023-07-20
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