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180 View2023-05-19
Guys im not much into football but this game is like PSP VİTA: Fifa street 2014
With better graphics but animations of skills are not a football type. The old version was better and this game is so easy and if you grind more you will be better in the game and you think your self in a neymar edit 💀💀💀 anyways HAVE FUN AND DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!
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FIFA mobile
One of the best football games in this time.Like goat of games.thats all I could say about this game.The graphics are really great and you can really enjoy the game.But there are some frequent updates.And even though the game is just below 200mb after download it and start playing it's storage increases up to 1gb.Well if you are really into soccer,it's all right.Mostly gamers who are mostly interested in graphics and all will really like this game.
Fallen Angel5102023-04-18
Great game all-round
If you didn't know already this is a mobile version of fifa 22 or at least its seems like it. The game runs smoothly on my rather slow low end phone. They have a ton of graphics settings and presets for those who have stronger phones with plenty of graphics wiggle room. The controls are simple and intuitive. Great game 10/10 (if you were wondering how far I got I just finished the intermediate kick off things basically a tutorial)
Caeden McGinthy152022-07-03
So far one of the best football games I've ever played. This Game is just amazing with incredible graphics, smooth ass gameplay and a lot of more cool things in just severel 300 mb's. I bet download this game     y'all i am giving a guarantee you'll enjoy it a lot
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