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Laid-Back Camp All -in -one
Laid-Back Camp All-In-One!! is a camping simulation set to release on June 15, 2023

Laid-Back Camp All-In-One!! is a camping simulation set to release on June 15, 2023

842 View2023-05-21
Laid-Back Camp All-In-One is a camping simulation game that will get an official release on June 15, 2023, for both Android and iOS devices. Atsushi Sanada, the producer of the mobile game confirmed that they have received 1,000,000 pre-registrations around the world.
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Laid-Back Camp Mobile is set to launch globally on May 24
Prior to its scheduled May 24 release, Laid-Back Camp Mobile: Everyone Connected All-in-One, a brand-new mobile simulation game based on the anime series of the same name, has made pre-registration for interested players available. Although the statement does mention that some regions might be excluded, this release date is verified to be a global release, so we'll just have to wait and see.
TapTap News5K2023-04-14
Laid-Back Camp : Releasing On May 24, 2023! A Unique Cute Camping Mobile Game!
Laid-Back Camp is an anime cute RPG mobile game with lots of cute characters and camping sites. If you love camping then this game can be quite entertaining for you guys, especially, if you like to have cute characters doing their cute stuffs in the game going to amazing beautiful camping sites in different camping gears and vehicles. The first smartphone game with all the elements of the TV anime ""Laid-Back Camp"" is finally here! Familiar characters such as Nadeshiko Kagamihara,Rin Shima,Chiaki Ōgaki,Aoi Inuyama,and Ena Saitō engage in rich dialogue with motion and full voice acting, as well as over 1,000 camping gear and vehicles, delicious-looking camp meals, and beautiful scenery from Yamanashi, Nagano, and Shizuoka, among other locations. More elements from the TV anime 'Laid-Back Camp' are expected to be appeared soon!
Laid-Back Camp: Global Launch on June 15 for iOS and Android
Get ready for the worldwide release of the wholesome Yuru Camp△ mobile game, featuring rich character animations, beautiful scenery, and engaging gameplay. Pre-register for Yuru Camp△ now by clicking the following link and the 'available from TapTap' button: Global Launch Date The Yuru Camp△ mobile game, known as "Connecting Everyone's All-In-One!", has surpassed 500,000 pre-registrations and is scheduled to launch worldwide (excluding some regions) on June 15th, 2023 for iOS and Android platforms. This all-ages camping experience game is suitable for everyone.
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