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Been playing the game for several years now. The last updates have been a good improvement to it. Always liked the 2D live designs, good quality. The Lore is nice too. Well... That's a good gatcha game to play from time to time, or daily. I recommend.
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The gameplay is fun, a classic way of gameplay of sidescrolling and RPG game with nostalgic pixel art graphics. The game is quite challenging at first which makes it more challenging, you might need to grind for once in a while but the replayability of the game is there. The character design fits the game aesthetics as well, even though its a gatcha game, the probability is quite fair. Also, the boss fights are way interesting because of the BGMs in the game, it adds more intensity as you battle the tough bosses.
Really good looking graphics and animation, also the gatcha isn't half bad. I love how they give you the option to just purchase characters with points aquired from multiple summons as a standard, unlike other games. With this feature, even if you have terrible luck (which i didn't; had multiple 5 star within the first week) you can still just buy the character rather than rely on the gatcha. Also the friendship points summon has pretty good ratea as well. And you can unlock auto battle quite soon.
Great game, gameplay is fun, story is amazing in presentation almost fully voice acted, character design is unique and has different feel compared to other gacha, the only complain i have is that the game requires too much energy especially to farm leveling material
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