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It has so much potential.I feel like I am on playstation and enjoying a game that has a open map and beautiful environment.Everything is interesting,makes you want to explore,learn .I love the walk and everything else.... until it takes way too much time to play and and even finish your dailies.It needs a better tutorial and less other players appearing on the screen.I feel that even though you meet level requirements power is lacking and the forging o so many variations of armor and additional items is so confusing.
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A really nice game with great gameplay, great storyline and beautiful art direction but...
...it's spoiled by the fact there are too many activities required on a daily basis to build up your character. Skip any of them and you'll be at a disadvantage, and likely not be strong enough to complete questing,  nevermind dungeons and raids. Its also stingy and doesn't give enough rewards, so essentially it borders on Pay-to-Play! Im hoping 6 months or a year down the line the devs will have fixed this because it has a GREAT storyline and the graphics and art direction really is very pretty. There's a lot of heart and soul put into the game, its sad the men in suits f*cked it up with their ridiculous monetization.
I love the charm of this game with the art, characters, and just in general likeability. The gameplay is simple and addictive with a nice progression of difficulty. The only way for this game to get better is by adding more characters, items, enemy variations, etc. Love it!!
The game mechanics and overall the gameplay experience is quite exciting and fun . The hero system is also very optimized in my opinion .  However the  game's bgm  is quite bad it can be from my personal perspective however there's not much to grind in the game except battle pass . Like seasonal events with rewards worth grinding for like character skin , coin and hero shards . But still the game has quite a big potential if the devs can satisfy it's playerbase 
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