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Server Maintenance from 7:00 am ~ 10:00 am (UTC+8) on 7/26

Server Maintenance from 7:00 am ~ 10:00 am (UTC+8) on 7/26

3K View2023-07-25
Dear players,
Our server will be closed for maintenance on 7/26 from 7:00 am ~ 10:00 am (UTC+8)
Players won't be able to log in to the game during this period.
We'll let you know in a timely fashion if the maintenance gets extended or completed earlier than scheduled.
1. Key Updates:       
◆ The initial guild base is called Plain Base, it can be relocated to Mountain Base when the base reaches level 5. Each base has a unique guild defense mission.
◆ New mission: Biochlorine Ionization Base – Control Center
◆ Added three-star challenge in Squad Ops, complete three-star challenge to unlock Sweeping.
◆ Added sweeping feature for Holoplayground, players can consume stamina to sweep the missions they have already completed to gain rewards.
◆ Added Special Training 18, 19, 20, 21.
◆ Added Benefit feature in Special Training, players can collect afk rewards by their current medal quantity.
◆ “90 Pulls on Server Opening” event is now available. Added new event page, and the rewards obtained during the event will be the same as the rewards obtained through previously existing gameplays.
◆ Added 2 new perks for Helmet, 3 new perks for Backpack, 3 new perks for Tops, 2 new perks for Gloves, 1 new perk for Boots.
◆ Added 11 new weapon perks.
◆ Battle Pass new season, BP adjustment.
◆ Optimized event operation.
◆ Updated LuckyDraw and Lucky Wheel, adjusted event time.
2.  System Optimization:
a. Optimized performance on enemy slay.
b. Optimized display and control issues in multiple interfaces.
c. Optimized daily and event rewards.
d. Optimized friend system.
e. Players can matchmake Squad Ops in Guild now.
f. Optimized game music/sound effects.
g. Duplicate weapons will not automatically be disassembled into weapon fragments when the quantity is low.
h. Teleport is now available even in combat status.
i. Optimized the star display in weapon star-up system.
3. Quest and Storyline:
Fixed the issue where mounts might get stuck by terrain in the The Abandoned Base quest.
4. Combat Experience:
a. Optimized the recoil effects of all firearms' shooting.
b. Fixed the issue where the second weapon does not automatically replenish ammunition upon entering the dungeon.
c. Adjusted skill visual effects

5. Gameplay:
Fixed the issue with the rating changes upon entering the arena.
a. Fixed the issue where the hint totem behind the Combat Stress Test Guardian occasionally did not display fully during the boss battle in the combat stress test.
b. Fixed the issue with the missing projectile effects of the Wind Scorpion and Dodiapede in the Forest of Terror - Day dungeon.
Fixed the issue where the enemy's Defensive Shield Trigger was not triggering auto shooting.
a. The attributes and strength of NPCs are more balanced now.
b. Optimized the pace and speed of the shrinking circle.
c. Optimized the distribution of NPCs.
d. Added new enemy types.
e. Added several selectable mods.
f. Added a tutorial to guide players to click on the "Survival Guide" after unlocking a new gameplay for the first time.
g. Fixed the issue where the loot in a player's backpack was not displaying the appropriate tags after elimination.
h. Unlocked the feature to execute critically wounded players.
i. Enemies' dropped items no longer stack but are dispersed and scattered on the ground.
j. Added daily first extraction success challenge, complete the challenge to win a substantial amount of experience.
k. The shelter points in the original rank rewards have been changed to credit points.
l. Adjusted the value of shelter points consumed for upgrading the shelter.
m. For new accounts, the first three matches or the first match of each day will provide equipment cooldown protection, and in case of a failed extraction, the equipment slots will not enter cooldown.
n. Changed the credit points in the original bounty missions to shelter points.
o. Added a feature to provide additional experience bonus to accessories for Extraction.
Expert Sniper: Sniper damage increased by 20%. Range increased by 20%; firearm stability increased by 20%; firearm accuracy increased by 20%.
Adroit Phantom: Movement speed increased by 20%; armor penetration rate increased by 20%; cooldown reduction increased by 10%. After rolling, critical rate is increased by 10%, critical damage is increased by 50%, lasting for 5 seconds.
Optimized the description of rewards in the Holo Playground: After using precise or top-tier etching vouchers, there is a chance to obtain random overclocking cores.
6. Guild:
a. Corrected and optimized the display issues in the guild.
b. Added the base passive effect feature, including resource cap increase and resource collection efficiency.

7. Optimized User Interface
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.
We've prepared a gift of 500 AVTR Credits and 10 firearm blueprints as maintenance compensation for each one of you to express our infinite gratitude for your patience and understanding.
Avatar: Reckoning Dev Team

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