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Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls
Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls - Kinsudoblade's Posts - TapTap

220 View2023-07-31
Starting February 1st they permanently censored the game. For us older players they gave us an icon that allows us to turn on and off the censorship only for chars we already aquired. For the life of me I can't understand why there censoring there Qoo and Tap Tap versions to. The worse part about it is there making these changes without talking to there players. On there discord server they can easily host an uncensored version for use to download.  I think this is a game that is fun to play but not to spend money on because you don't know the direction they are going to go. One day you can log in and find all the chars you spent money on permanently censored. Its just a matter of time before we lose the icon to. This is my warning to anyone who plays this game. Hold on to your money because the future is unclear. I know people are quitting this game left and right and they could be the next Destiny's child and shut down.
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