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Mortal Kombat
This Game Kinda Sucks

This Game Kinda Sucks

245 View2023-08-07
This game and all the other Mobile "ports" of fighting games by Netherrealm are honestly disappointing.
I expected the game to play just like the console games, but I am instead met with swipe and touch controls that I find way too boring and repetitive.
I don't like the fact that special moves are level locked, and I also haven't seen any character banter at the start of the round, which is even more disappointing.
There really isn't much to say.
I don't hate it, it seems way too strong of a word, I just dislike it for of how simple it is.
At the end of the day, it's just my opinion, as I've never been a massive fighting game guy, so you may not take my word for it, but I still like playing the ones that have actual depth to their controls instead of "touch the screen to automatically perform the same attack over and over".
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This game is amazing. Put simply. I really love how well they ported this game to mobile cause its so simple yet really hard at the same time. Even if you have some of the best fighters in the game, you can still lose due to the pretty unpredictable AI. This game was always my favorite and it will probably continue to be. It's definitely not perfect but it is one that you have to try for at least a couple days.😁
this is actually the best fighting game on mobile but it's lacking people, also the servers are trash and make the game against real people unplayable. this game could be great if there's a global release and better
Stupid and boring game!It can't be compared with Mortal Kombat at all! The action response of the character, the release of the special attack, the activity of the whole game is quite a failure!Maybe I'm playing the mobile version so I have these feelings But after playing for a few days, I found no interest and uninstalled it.
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