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This one is so good looking and has a diverse amount of classes, I would keep coming back after a crash just to play a lil more, though I stopped short(only due to my preferences of games.)
the only drawback in my search is the auto-play, looking for a game(no tiers of good or bad), hoping for no auto-progression, or idle(a few exceptions honestly.).
that's besides the good game this turned out to be, but I can't give a real review of anything here, I do hope you could give it a shot to see how much it has succeeded, thus far.
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Revised Review: Pretty Yet Janky
The game starts you in a fantasy setting with a small story scene then a tutorial story battle with no auto, you end up auto walking a lot after meeting the main villain! And autoing story to side missions untill you get to your first city/kingdom to be Cinematic. Which takes a fair bit of time leaving you asking when is the tutorial going to stop? 🎥 This drains interest and stifles exploration, the game feels rushed yet dragged on at the beginning with a bunch of coincidence that lead you into the next section of overly convenient story. 📖
Its a solid game with beautiful visuals and smooth performance alongside the additional benefit of minimal P2W but it's got an INCREDIBLY long "tutorial" / "guided onboarding" experience. You'll be following it's explicit instructions for awhile, which is less than ideal.
i made a bad review previously but ended up playing it everyday for a few weeks. it's pretty simple, but also quite fun to play. requires a bit of grinding though 👁 new updates also tend to make it better and they come pretty fast! good job. cons is it's not really self-explanatory and i'm not sure if it really has (or needs) a storyline 🖤
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