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79 View2023-08-20
This game is good but itz login page sucks every time.you need to sign up through Google Account otherwise if u register your account it will work but when u re login your account after accidentally logee out it is not working.it tells u that the password is incorrect but that's the right password which I have given. But it's not logging. I have lvl 69 account and now I can't play through that account bcz of this bullshit password thing.if I forget the password it tells that we don't have enough information what the fk is this. This games login page really is sucks and now I don't know what to do.😭😭
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Hey so i want to talk about the login. Its very hard i dont know why but my email and password is correct but the game says "email or pass is wrong".
The game doesn't want me to login in even after making the good password and entering my gmail for 20 times it says email and password are inncorect
GOSH! WHAT IS THIS GAME?!! I can't even login, WHY?! I newly installed it and I signed it up, but I can't start the game, why is that? It's always like "Check ur Internet connection" and "Please login again" what is that? I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED!
Miss_ Niggu4602023-02-25
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