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Metal Slug: Awakening
The latest addition to the iconic arcade run-and-gun series | Impressions - Metal Slug: Awakening

The latest addition to the iconic arcade run-and-gun series | Impressions - Metal Slug: Awakening

3K View2023-08-23
Metal Slug: Awakening, the latest addition to the Metal Slug series, combines nostalgia with modern mobile gaming dynamics. While adhering to the classic run-and-gun formula that fans adore, the game introduces a control scheme tailored to touch controls, offering accessibility for players of all levels.  It even includes an auto-target feature.
The upgraded three-dimensional graphics within the familiar side-scrolling perspective adds a visual upgrade that retains the series' charm. Multiple playable characters that fans will love and recognize, diverse weaponry from conventional to outlandish, and engaging rides contribute to wide range of combat scenarios. Aside from the traditional chapter-ized story mode, the inclusion of a variety of game modes like PvP, Coop, and even a roguelite-esque game mode greatly enhances replay value.

Ultimately, the game offers an enticing blend of the beloved Metal Slug formula, new game modes, and modern mobile gaming trends, making it a free-to-play game with in-game purchases and gacha elements. At the end of the day, I think it's worthwhile experience for both long-time fans of the series and even newcomers who have missed out on the classic
Metal Slug games.
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A Blast from the Past with a Modern Twist The classic run-and-gun arcade series with stunning graphics, diverse gameplay, and nostalgic elements. Fans of the original Metal Slug will enjoy the familiar characters, weapons, and vehicles, as well as the new features such as world exploration, 3-player mode, and Roguelike mode. The game also pays tribute to the iconic maps, enemies, and Easter eggs of the franchise, making it a fun and engaging experience for both old and new players. Metal Slug: Awakening is a must-play game for anyone who loves action, adventure, and retro style.
METAL SLUG awakening gameplay - Official Launched walkthrough [4K] 60fps android iOS POCO F5 PRO
The legendary classic arcade Run ’n Gun is officially back! Metal Slug: Awakening is a newly developed side-scrolling action shooting mobile game licensed by SNK, based on the essence of the legendary arcade masterpiece! With upgraded visuals that pay homage to its retro roots while introducing a fresh and captivating art style, the game brings a splendid visual presentation and abundant content including a vast array of weapons, diverse battlefields, and various super-vehicles.
Broccoli Gaming Channel2K2023-08-22
🔥Metal Slug Awakening Quick Review
On July 31, the release of the highly anticipated Metal Slug Awakening game will take place. Now the game is available to China and in general, you can play. My Telegram will help you. This is a run-and-gun game, which got three-dimensional graphics, but kept the classic side view. The player has to choose one of the heroes and make his way through various levels, fighting enemies and bosses, using a variety of weapons and vehicles.
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