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Metal Slug: Awakening
Metal Slug is BACK!

Metal Slug is BACK!

1K View2023-08-23
One of the legendary classics finally landed on Android with high crisp graphics and amazing gameplay, just love it
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Metal Slug: Awakening on Aug 31st: Thrilling Revival or Risky Transition?
The mobile adaptation of this classic 2D shooter will introduce a 2.5D graphical style, aiming to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers. This new entry hopes to capture the essence of Metal Slug's challenging gameplay, transporting players back to the days of intense arcade action. However, the transition to mobile platforms may present challenges. The delicate balance of maintaining the original's soul while adapting to touch controls and potential in-game monetization will be vital. As with any beloved series making the leap to mobile, care must be taken to preserve what made it special. If done right, Metal Slug: Awakening could be a fantastic addition to the franchise, and a chance for a new generation to experience this timeless classic.
TapTap News3K2023-08-08
Good game better then all Android metal slug
its best game i ever played android, if u are 2000s and u need mostalgic game named metal slug but modern graphic. download it dont wait, now!!
The Killer Any Videos1K2023-11-24
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