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SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter
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39 View2023-08-27
This game is fantastic and incredible.
It is exactly like as 'Lonewolf' that popular sniper game that everyone knows.
It is cool and exciting.
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Great game with huge potential, it could use some optimization and longer battle modes though, maybe a bit more weapon customization as well and the ability to look down sights not only on snipers. Also it has a bug when respawning you sometimes move in one direction constantly as if you had a stuck joystick but that solves itself when you jump.
Roberto Margian672023-10-12
Brilliant game.
Extremely tactical gameplay, tight graphics, great gun play and brilliant sound design. I've been playing with friends and it's super fun. I recommend Adding a visible sever list, it would make finding multiplayer games whilst playing solo. After playing for a few hours, I've noticed many clipping issues when going up/down stairs. Gets a little annoying but I'm sure you'll iron it out, GAME IS KINDA SUS THOUGH. 🤔
The game is fantastic for those who wish to indulge themselves in the use of midevil weaponry. It is fun and well made, the game is impressive with all its features. The only issue I have is when playing, I often get ganged up so easily in the game and it gets chaotic at times.
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