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Tower of Fantasy
New version " The Dragon Grove" of Tower of Fantasy is coming on September 5!

New version " The Dragon Grove" of Tower of Fantasy is coming on September 5!

2K View2023-08-30
Publisher Level Infinite and the developer Hotta Studio have announced an exciting new update for Tower of Fantasy, letting players experience a new map and narrative along with a new Simulacrum among other things. Named The Dragon Grove, this extensive expansion is set to arrive on mobile and PC platforms on September 5th. It will introduce a fresh region named Joltville within Domain 9, providing players with a new area to discover.
In the latest update of  Tower of Fantasy, there's an exciting opportunity to delve into the designated "hub and technological research hub of Domain 9". This location also presents a chance to discover valuable treasures within the heart of Qinglong's Might, situated in the renowned "Tianhe Bazaar, the priciest trading hub in Domain 9."
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Hotta Studio today announced that an "Ultimate Test" for Tower of Fantasy (CN) will start on November 10 in China. This open-world RPG is once again optimized for the launch of its upcoming test. For example, new weather effects and upgraded character modeling. Also, a number of new companions will join the test. [i] Tower of Fantasy (CN) [/i]will launch in China and its “Ultimate Test” is coming on November 10.
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Tower of Fantasy is COMING! - Release Date Confirmed / Decoded?!
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