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eFootball™ 2024
eFootballPES2024: Update Features, Changes, Release Date and More

eFootballPES2024: Update Features, Changes, Release Date and More

5K View2023-09-07
As the gaming world eagerly anticipates the next big update to Konami's popular football title, eFootball, we delve into what this transition from eFootball 2023 to PES 2024 entails. This update is set to introduce exciting features and necessary changes that will enhance your gaming experience.

Overview of eFootball 2024 v3.0.0 Update

The version 3.0.0 update coincides with the new season release and is expected to bring significant enhancements to the gameplay.

Carryover Items

The transition from eFootball 2023 to eFootballPES2024 won't be a drastic one as many items are slated for carryover. These include:
- eFootball™ Coins
- eFootball™ Points
- GP (with a maximum limit of 999,999,999 GP)
- Nominating Contract
- Chance Deal
- Contract Renewal Tokens (both for 60 Days and 10 Days)
- Training Program
- Skill Training Program
- Special Strip
- Settings
However, Konami has noted that carryover status for certain elements like Base Team, Players, Managers, Avatar, and Objectives may vary depending on several factors. For detailed information about their carryover status, it's advised to check the official website.

Changes in Standard Player Cards Portraits

In #PES2024PS2, Standard Player Cards will retain their original design even when they reach their maximum level. This means that players rated five stars won't receive a distinct design at their max level as before. Consequently, all Standard Player Cards will revert back to their initial portraits displayed upon acquisition.

Removal of Team Playstyle Proficiency

A major change coming with eFootball 2024 is the removal of Team Playstyle Proficiency concept added to players. This means players' abilities will no longer increase or decrease based on their Team Playstyle Proficiency values irrespective of the specific Team Playstyle they choose.
This change allows players more flexibility in choosing any desired Team Playstyle without concerns. Moreover, those who have allocated Progression Points toward their Team Playstyle Proficiency will receive a refund upon the release of v3.0.0 update enabling them to reallocate those points towards player attributes in the next update.
Some missions from both Career Objectives and Debut Missions sections are being removed including:
- Increase Team Playstyle Level
- Complete Objectives
- Increase Team Playstyle Level to 75 or above
- Complete Debut Missions 2
However, there's no official confirmation regarding managers’ Team Playstyle Proficiency and how it relates with this change yet.

Release Date of eFootball 2024 Update

The highly anticipated update is scheduled for release on September 7th. This update aims at enhancing play control freedom for creating opportunities leading to an advanced and engaging gameplay experience.
To implement these updates effectively, a large-scale maintenance period has been announced from September 4th till September 7th, but it might take up till a week later than anticipated.
With these updates marking an end to Season 'Get Ready for Action' that arrived during August's first week; this signifies the final major Season update released for the game.
As more details about PES 2024 Updates emerge we'll keep you updated so you can fully prepare yourself for an enhanced soccer gaming experience (#SoccerGaming) with improved graphics.
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