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SIERRA 7 - Tactical Shooter
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61 View2023-09-08
One of the best out here.
It seems simple at first, but it gets better and better by the time you play it.
Not a 3d, spectacular super realistic graphics, but the art style used it's perfect for this kind of game.
The storyline is very nice, well written and the gameplay is pretty simple but that doesn't mean is not good. The mix of the 1 person pov with this style is what gives the game an interesting look.
Another thing I love is that, even tho it's a 2d graphic games, it looks so realistic and the details (like the weapons range and time of bullet etc) are insane!
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Personally I would say it's a great game but fix ur controls pls after playing it long enough i understand how to move and shoot and reload faster u need to click on the edge on the left side of the button other than that it's a great game has great graphic and it shows u put alot of effort into making the game
Akash Prittipaul662023-05-22
Pretty good game with interesting story. I like that it's not auto, and that you can actually avoid attacks instead of getting hit by melee attacks even when at a distance from the enemy. My only hiccup with this game is the tight spaces. Area is too small to really dodge attacks. I wish it was more of an openworld game. I also wish you could control the camera, or at least lock onto enemies when in close-up mode
It's something pretty decent, but it can get a bit boring in the long run.
I must say that the UI of the game is pretty clean, and has a theme that really suits the game. The gameplay though, even if could be amazing at first, is repetitive in that all you can do is just shoot at enemies and nothing more. Maybe a minigame in between would be nice to have to spice up the game. But what can I say, it's still pretty decent for a free game.
Green Scavenger2922023-03-01
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