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Destiny Child
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22 View2023-09-14
pretty sexually designed characters, decent gameplay. not much to say about it!
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It's a well-made game! There's a good amount of characters to choose from, and the filler (lower ranking) ones were pretty silly lol The gameplay was pretty okay. By the time I played this, there was no way to skip through battles, so I quickly got bored and felt like there was too much to do. Personally, I like being able to quickly move on from the next level continuously, so not being able to grind as quickly really grinds my gears :)
I like its unique gameplay and very attractive characters.
The opening story of this game really caught my attention. It's my first time to encounter gameplay like this, so different to other games that I already played. It has a unique way of playing, more of having conversations but still having battles. The characters are all great. Most of them are so attractive even if they're demons. It's great that I can fast-forward the conversation if it takes too long. I would love to play this again.
The games was Good。 The Storyline was good enough..(°ー°〃), Male lead are Handsome they are really nice written. Mostly my Favorite Most of all is Mc. Rosa she’s Pretty beautiful,and Very smart! Though i don’t Have the Game installed anymore. im gonna leave a review,i was bored so quick and decide to delete the game
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