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It's to go all in on Quantum!

It's to go all in on Quantum!

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Kitty Q Review: My First Review
Kitty Q A Quantum Adventure is an escape-room where you use outside-the-box thinking to solve puzzles in an odd world with quantum physics themes. It's unusual not only because the puzzles are approachable and visual appealing but because they each reference observations, experiments and phenomena from this strange field of science. Play involves exploring the rooms to collect items and interact with objects to solve puzzles. This might be changing the temperature of a fridge to melt ice and freeze flies. The challenge isn't easy but aimed to be approachable for young teens.
A More Digestible Explanation To Quantum Physics
For someone who wants to atleast understand the interesting things about Quantum Physics without going deep into the iceberg. Kitty Q definitely takes the cake, it does it beautifully while being accompanied with charming graphics and music. To keep you hooked on the game. It offers puzzles that requires you to think outside the box (no pun intended). And each time you complete a puzzle it kindly gives you informations that explains the in's and out's that made the puzzle work. Best part, they give out PDF's to help you understand the subject more.
Smart Puzzles with a Science twist - Kitty Q [First Impressions] Gameplay
Kitty Q is a puzzle game where you need to help Schrodinger Cat to get out of the Box filled with riddles. Use your Quantum Physics skills or just your wit to help the cat escape and get well.  More in this First Impressions/ Review video from 2022. This video is more of a quick review on the new game. Gameplay looks pretty promising, specifically with all the copycats in its Genre. A lot of unique mechanics and interesting ideas!
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