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888 View2023-09-23
I have played FIFA mobile for over 2 years and I think that this is gonna be a great game to play and rebuild my squad of my old team in FIFA mobile or even better in FC mobile which is this game that I am waiting for to get released
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After a decade there will be no more FIFA Mobile :( . Out of all fifa version I can't forget FIFA 16. Thank you FIFA Mobile. Well now it's time for a new generation EA FC MOBILE. I played the game. UI UI is really cool especially player details section and overall app. Customisation They have added few customisation like KIT, appearance and ball as well. Gameplay Gameplay has been improved and in FIFA Mobile scoring goals was pretty easy but as per here GK are kinda strong like EFOOTBALL Mobile and I think CROSS SPAM won't work that much as it is currently in FIFA MOBILE.
Fifa Mobile is THE best game ever It has amazing graphics, really realistic, and is so fun to play with your friends. It’s kinda sad that i have to pay for the PC version Its a amazing game overall and if you haven’t played it before, i would recommend playing it right away
Big Fat Cat7852023-08-11
It's a great game. I played the fifa mobile 23 in this device and that was awesome fun. I want this to play with new controls and new era of a game.
Azmir Sharif1K2023-09-22
Myth: Gods of Asgard
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