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On Air Island : Survival Chat
'On Air Island : Survival Chat' review

'On Air Island : Survival Chat' review

1K View2023-09-24
Very underated game! Even though theres many typos and bad grammar, the plot and especially the gameplay is very fun and unique!
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so far, I’ve only been playing it for a few minutes and I’m enjoying it! It’s cute but tedious, every time you cut down a tree you loose a heart and have to regain one.. but watching an ad. But other then that, I like it! Wish you could zoom in though, everything is so tiny it’s hard to see
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This game with amazing story which gives it an amazing experience. The Game talks about an Island which was once controlled by the Military which now under the hands of some unknown Groups. Which comes with an different battlefields based on the task inside the island .
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not bad and its fun but not a game that u gonna remmber
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