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Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: Graveyard Shift - Everything you need to know (How about Warzone?)

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: Graveyard Shift - Everything you need to know (How about Warzone?)

2K View2023-09-28
✨Release Date and Overview
Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 — Graveyard Shift is scheduled to launch on October 4 at 5 PM PT. This season promises a slew of engaging content, including the return of fan-favorite modes and the usual seasonal array of rewards to entice players.

Zombies Classic and Undead Siege
One of the biggest highlights is the return of both Zombies Classic and Undead Siege modes, both from past seasons. Zombies Classic was first introduced way back in November 2019, taking inspiration from the popular Zombie modes in the mainline games, while Undead Siege was introduced in 2021. These game modes have come and gone throughout the years and were not necessarily limited to Halloween periods.
Zombies Classic:
Enter the classic round-based game mode set in Shi No Numa, also known as the Swamp of Death. Work with your squad to fend off the undead horde, growing more formidable with each round. Earn points to unlock new pathways, purchase Perks, and strengthen your arsenal with items from the Mystery Box.
Undead Siege:
Drop into a zombified version of the Battle Royale map Isolated and cooperate with teammates to survive for five days and nights. Collect supplies during the day and prepare for intense battles against hordes of zombies at night. Set up defensive turrets and maintain the teleporter to secure your survival.
🎃Halloween-Themed Maps
Two popular multiplayer maps, Standoff and Hacienda, have received Halloween makeovers.
Halloween Standoff: Experience the spooky transformation of this map, with a nighttime setting under a full moon. Look out for eerie details such as the jack-o’-lantern reaper statue, hanging bats, and lurking shadows.

Haunted Hacienda: Hacienda has been turned into a chilling Halloween spectacle once again, with jack-o’-lanterns, ghosts, and mysterious ships offshore. Navigate this once-lavish estate, now a haunted battleground.
🎮Patrol Mode and Other Multiplayer Updates
Season 9 introduces the Patrol Mode in Multiplayer, originally featured in the mainline game Call of Duty: Vanguard. In this mode, operators must capture and control a moving point called the Patrol Zone. Points are scored by standing in the zone, and if it becomes contested, the team with more players on the objective continues to earn points.

Additionally, the ever popular Prop Hunt receives an update with new maps, props, and mechanics, adding fresh twists to the game. Ranked Search & Rescue is another exciting addition to the Ranked Multiplayer game modes, offering a new take on Search & Destroy.
New Themed Events
Season 9 brings three new events to participate in, offering rewards and temporary protection from Rank XP losses in Ranked Play.
Halloween Themed Fright Factory Event: Earn Pumpkin Candy lottery tickets by completing challenges in Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Use these tickets to claim milestone rewards, including exciting items like Ajax — Flesh Golem and Kilo 141 — Webspinner.
Ghost Chasing Spectral Smackdown: Engage in this festival game featuring a board with nine holes. Accumulate points by whacking ghosts, with special Ghost Sovereign and Ghost Soldier targets offering different point values. Compete for milestone rewards based on your total score.
Team-Up Rank Shield Event: Gather your squad for competitive Ranked Play. During this event, players won't lose Rank XP if they lose a match, providing a safety net for players looking to improve their skills.
New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events
Players can complete new Seasonal Challenges and Events to earn Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and more. A notable addition is the HS0405 Thunder Rounds Signature Attachment for the HS0405 Shotgun, which provides special ammunition with unique properties.

Battle Pass
Graveyard Shift Pass introduces both free and premium tiers, offering a wide range of rewards. At Tier 14, players can earn the Launcher Plus Perk. Tier 21 introduces the CX-9 SMG, known for its maneuverability and rapid fire rate. Other free tier highlights include various Camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the QXR — Growl at Tier 50. For those who opt for the Premium Pass, expect unique Operator Skins like Witch Doctor — Lethal Cure Demir, Portnova — Funny Bone, and Misty — In the Spirit. Weapon Blueprints such as CR-56 AMAX — Final Testament and CX-9 — Deathly Light are also part of the premium content.

Battle Pass Subscription
The subscription includes a 10% boost to Player and Weapon XP, discount coupons, and limited discounts on 10x crate pulls. In Season 9, a three-month subscription option is available, offering cost savings and continuous rewards until the end of the year.

Store Update
The Store receives a fresh batch of content, including the Mythic Weapon Draw featuring the Mythic CX-9 — Lethal Hollow Blueprint. Additionally, the Halloween Series Draw offers Legendary Weapon Blueprints, Skins, and a trick-or-treat-themed Calling Card. Various Operator Skins and Weapon Blueprints are also available in Season 9 Draws.
🪖What about Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile?
Note that this game is different from the forthcoming Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, set for release in the fall of 2023, after a postponement from the initial expected release date of May 15, 2023. As of right now, there isn't much news about the game, even though the expected release date is only a month away, but we've heard the minimum device requirements  is quite demanding.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 promises to be a spooky and action-packed update for fans and newcomers alike, with new challenges, rewards, and Halloween themed limited content. And it’s only a few days away, with a release date of October 4 at 5 PM PT.
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