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The game is a breath of fresh air. We don't get too many Sci-fi MMORPG nowadays and I'm glad this one got released. The game really reminds me of Warframe specially its character designs. Since its an MMORPG, we have different classes choose from as well as not being gender-locked so we can customized our own preferences for our character. We also get to choose from two factions to start with. I just have a couple of problem regarding the gameplay. When fighting bosses earlier, I noticed that the camera is a little bit off when the bosses gets airborne when attacking and it makes the POV awkward since the camera is on-follow when you lock the boss. The other one is its probably better to have indicators when the boss will attack. I don't have a problem with memorizing the attack patterns of the bosses but they attack so quickly that I can't even dodge on time.
So far, those are the only things that I find that can be work on and I hope the game can improve more.
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Warframe is a great title and we love it, so thank you so much for giving us such a high rating, it's an honor to give us such a high rating. In fact, we are also working hard to optimize the problem of focusing on some camera processing during the battle and the problem that the boss attacks too quickly, which is not as easy to solve as imagined, so it still needs to be polished, and I hope that the next time we meet, it can bring you a better game experience!


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Overall it's an awesome game with interesting mechanisms and potential for being one of the awesome mmorpg games BUT it really Really need to optimize some stuff: 1. needs a setting and graphic adjustment 2. Optimize the low FPS and reduce the lag of the game 3.needs to add an auto Aiming feature so the character don't keep missing his moves and skills (at least in pve mode ) 4. Add more levels to the game
Great Game Great Combat Mechanics The lack of equipment repairing makes the game annoying to keep playing since you have to depend on equipment rarity value and RNG to get a good weapon with useful skills to boot and since you can't repair, your equips WILL disappear after it's endurance is gone AND to make it worse when you die all gear in your inventory loses endurance by I believe half. Leveling up in this game is wierd since you have to exchange items you find for souls and I mean literally ANY ITEM same thing for gold as well. The synthesis system is also wierd but i figured out a portion of how it works. Bosses after progressing do get a bit overboard with the damage they deal. This is a Test and I say it's worth giving a try if you have the patience. I have spent a good 5 hours on this game and if the developer decides to update this I'll definitely come back.
Not a bad game but I was expecting too much from it that I was slightly not happy with it. Also it's a beta so some p2w elements might be added...it's supercell...it's part of their games system. The game is fun if you like some casual MMORPG kinda you know to relax a bit and enjoy sometime. My disappointment was because I expected a full or semi full (Capcom monster hunter) game, and not a DPS battle and AOE dodge game (you know those rpg games where both sides take damage and it's a matter of who's health will drop to zero first). And that is not my cup of tea although I'm pretty sure those who are into MMORPG games will definitely love to have this to enjoy and relax to it for a bit, as because this game is:
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