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Polygon Arena: Online Shooter
A low-poly Call of Duty challenger appears! | Beta Impressions - Polygon Arena: Online Shooter

A low-poly Call of Duty challenger appears! | Beta Impressions - Polygon Arena: Online Shooter

2K View2023-10-12
Polygon Arena: Online Shooter is a low-poly mobile shooter that's easy to pick up, and designed for casual play with room for some competitiveness. It pits players of up to 8 vs 8 across various Arenas (currently four as of the Open Beta Test). The game is still in heavy development but an Open Beta Test is currently underway for everyone to try.
As for writing, the game features 10 characters and 20 weapons to unlock, collect, and upgrade, along with gear like armors, weapon attachments, and masks. Of course this is facilitated by a live service style of progression, where we have in-game stores, premium currencies, loot boxes, and battle passes.
Technically, I found the game to be very stable. It ran smoothly without any crashes on my Snapdragon 888 device. As expected, I was played with bots and in offline mode during the first few matches of my playthrough. Although there is still an option to play with real players.
Settings wise, there is currently no way to adjust your touch control placement, which is a highly requested feature for mobile games. FPS wise, it seems to support up to 120fps, judging from the graphics settings, but the graphics settings are still locked and cannot be changed as of this beta test.
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