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Magic Rush: Heroes
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Definitely a useless game i have ever seen in my entire life, Pay to Win or just delete game, u will never win a single game if u didn't pay and not only paid a small amount you have to spend a thousand of dollars if you want to keep playing, i used to play this game since the first month they released in ( 2015 ) now it totally trash, no more new free heroes, all the free heroes are useless, no logic at all so you could be beaten easily by low lvl players if they paid a lot of dollars, the same bugs since 2019 and they can't even fixed it because they don't know how, amount to buy a pack like you will get that heroes in your real life comparing to the other 2D game this this the useless one, I'm very very sad and upset for every single cent i spent in my last years in this trash game 😭 but not till i find Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) 🤩 NOW i totally forgot this trash and playing this amazing game , it's 5v5 with a lot of challenges, a very exciting 3D game, you have chance to get a lot of skins and u can reach the top according to your skills not your spends, believe me, delete this trash magic rush game and install MLBB and you will never regret that 😌.
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good game destroyed by greediness. game is fantastic good graphics u can make alot of builds , good story , its all good  until the p2w starts everything has an alternative with real money alot of subscriptions and premium pass and they try to push u by making the levels requires more power than u have but if u managed to make a good build to withstand the levels that got hard guess what they did they put a f timer  in the story mode and in all the content  of the game ,u will face all of them have timers i managed to make a build with good damage and heal and i can easily finish the level but with more time but i can't and the problem with these stupid games u don't even know what to buy with real money to be good , they really have a pay wall to evey mechanic like tickets to events and arena(which is not a real time pvp btw) and some essential content to upgrade your gear, premium pass, cards , enhance materials, diamond and gold , pets .
negm ahmed1K2023-05-04
At the beginning it was good than became better, but it is not that good any more , collect heroes and than copies of your team of heroes to upgrade, doing daily and so on , alot of puzzles, and beautiful 2d graphics, bit the game kinda Pay to play, if you go as free 2 play you will waste alot of time and Will waiting alot to build a strong team however the game still Worth playing but I don't recommended to pay for it. Why ..? Because the prices are so high whatever your region is .. The shop prices is still being high
Amazing game, gameplay is fun, and overall is a good team battle 9v9. Lag: No issues. Updates: The devs constantly add new content and fix old content, and they listen to community feedback. Players: Very friendly player base, although because it is in early access, not that many players, so sometimes an AI will fill in. If you just started all teamates will be AI. Gameplay: Can get repetitive if you play a couple of classes, so explore and experiment with other classes. Go crazy with your choices!
church of cube2K2022-07-09
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