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803 View2023-10-13
+ Gameplay looks decent
+ The story seems okay, nothing overwhelming or anything, but acceptably good
- I had very low framerates (~10) with low texture/graphics quality at max settings while my phone was hardly doing anything. Very underwhelming sadly
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Gameplay is pretty good and graphics are pretty good as well. Story is average at best. Nothing that really grips me. To be fair l, not a whole lot of mobile games do. They are a little stingy on getting 5 star heros. Overall with the download for sure.
It's pretty good. Graphics are great and the story and it's plot I decent. It need a bit more polish on the performance side of things, but it's overall a good mobile game with lots to do. Better than any mobile game before that tried. And the controls are fine and you can play with a controller if you wish.
Joshua Powell9452023-07-30
Gameplay is really good, there's a lot of things to do in the game, graphics are okay. The game is not recommended for phones with low storage and low end devices.
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