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Pocolon Dungeons
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871 View2023-10-13
Despite so many years, this game has not aged for me and is still my favorite, never getting boring. It features 821 weapons, 1082 armor items, and 2777 monsters to be obtained. An additional huge advantage is the ability to play with up to 4 people and earn more creature items. Diamonds can be received daily and can be used to purchase creature eggs, as well as enlarge the creature's house or use diamonds during gameplay. Although the game is in Japanese, using a cool program that will be demonstrated in a video soon, it's no problem to translate some things in the game.
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So this is my honest opinion after quickly pre registering for this game, install and trying out. To put it bluntly, it's gold encrusted crap....great graphics, that will set your phone on fire after some hours, nice, though limited,  customization.  But basic repeated missions of killing 100, 200, to 300 monsters. High high high farming is involved and focused around diamonds. You want anything quickly to advance easier, must buy diamonds and of course it's not great. High price for little amount of diamonds.  I say little cause compared to the price of things in the market,  out rank the price for diamonds.  Basically like spending $10 for a blue gear. Just one. It's big open world, createable characters, nice graphics. But if you're not gonna be a heavy whale p2w player then this game's waters are too deep for you. Nearing 8gb for download its alot of content I believe. But you'll never see it without leaving a money trail every step of the way. If you want to experience it, then by all means go ahead. By day 3 if not sooner, I'm sure you'll  want to unistall as well. This game main downfall to me is its not giving you any gear from completing quest, or any high monster drops. Played for days and got one weapon drop. A normal type...so unless you farm to death all day in dungeons or spend Hella cash daily, I wish you luck in your endeavors
This game has unique ways to fight a monster with a nice animation.
Cute and challenging, Awesome story too although their much information about the background story of the characters individually. Crystals are too hard to get when you finish everything, also the mana regenerates fast but the costs are way too high. *sigh* Please give us more! This game is awesome and I still had a lot of things to do.
The Lorax2K2023-03-15
Love the amount of things you can do in the game and you dont have to spend money to get a decent amount of money and diamonds to use in the game as long as youre going the right things you can get enough. My only bug bare though is how its slightly harder to nagivate to get to certain limited timed things unless its on the front screen. But other than that a really fun game to play.
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