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Kingdom Rush- Tower Defense TD
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One of the best Tower Defense Game on par with Bloons Tower Defense which is also a great Tower Defense game in the genre. KD1 or better known as Kingdom Rush provides a great challenge with great difficulty on some levels, and required micros, meaning using your brain to not die; as if the Campaign was not hard enough KD1 also gives you extra challenges when you completed a level with 3 stars and mocks you by providing an even more difficult challenge than what you've just completed. Further more the Heroes in the game (not including purchased in steam or payed heroes in mobile) are great (except Alleria especially in later levels) the free heroes you'll receive will carry you in the Campaign, albeit when striving for completion one must know the advantages and disadvantages of the hero you've selected in a level (a great channel for this is Voduke) the commodities in the shop are there for you to buy, however not needed, Achievements also provides you the player something to do; And the Endless Mode provides Veteran players a challenge to achieve high scores in the leaderboard. Over all if strategy games are not to your liking this may prove to be difficult and may cause you to rage quit.
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I had high hopes for this one when I saw the trailer. Luckily it was even better. The gameplay is a mix in between a tower defense and those autochess games. You get units that you can move around your castle even during the round, however there's a cooldown if you do so. This fact makes the game more strategic and somehow action packed. There are basically 2 game modes. One you play solo with all the units you have and upgraded to defend your base; if you like the game I recommend doing this as soon as possible to get better rewards. The other mode is the derby where you face other 3 people. You begin drawing 2 random units from your deck then on the next round you get to bet for a unit the highest bidder (it can be multiple people) and this alone can make you get an advantage or condemn you if you do it wrong. In this mode the winner is the last one standing. There's a mechanic that if a player successfully clears all the enemies, the enemies on other players boards get a move speed bonus think of it like garbage in tetris. Like in those autochess games if you get a repeated unit it upgrades. There are bonuses when you place units from the same type or same faction too. You also have a hero that has a special skill that can help you turn the tables. Those have cooldowns that need rounds so use them wisely. Now onto the negative, the game on the derby mode depends a bit on luck so you may lose rounds if you are unlucky with the initial units you get. Also it seems the net code is not that great with an unstable connection you may lag pretty bad wich is bad because some units you Need to move to survive a round. Excellent art style with a fantasy setting. Overall a good time. Also the game is free to play friendly you get resources to draw some units and afk rewards to upgrade your units for the other mode.
Great game
The game is easy enough to get by. There is also no demand for you to progress any further than you can. You can easiliy catch up to anybody just by sweeping up stages and leveling up your units. Playing can get really interactive as the game will force you to change tactics as you play. Great concept for a tower game. The is dark and bleak as it can be though and I kinda miss games that have a vibrant atmostphere that also has a good gameplay. So I wish that a more vibrant menuing is possible in the future. Recommended.
Fur Elise5072022-11-18
Pretty good tower defense game
If you love tower defense, I'd recommend you to play this one. It really got me to think twice before placing the heroes. Also, the character design is super lovely. I like its style.
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