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This game is actually so much fun I hope it goes global.

This game is actually so much fun I hope it goes global.

793 View2023-10-19
The game looks really good.. I have played all MMOs and RPGs so when I heard there were raids in this game I thought it would be something similar to Destiny raids, in other words, mechanics and puzzle-heavy. I think these raids are fine, but I would love to see something with more puzzles and mechanic-centric for the end game.
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This game is just great. The only thing I wish the creator make clans and stuff. One related thing that may be close is the raids on the game.
PA good game with team tactics is really needed. I highly recommend it. I hope the global server will be released as soon as possible
Afdal alif rhytsi Rhytsi7202023-09-29
This game is EXCEPTIONAL. Graphics and Gameplay ate top notch. Definitely needs more marketing to get more players. They are missing out. If you like RAID Shadow Legends, give this a try.
Ikiru Ronin3302023-11-22
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