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Wonderers:Eternal World
Wonderers -- GAMEPLAY

Wonderers -- GAMEPLAY

860 View2023-10-27
I still don’t really know if I’d consider this game an MMO.
The main overworld is a glorified lobby at the moment at best. I would say it’s probably better to classify this as the devs have: Action Adventure Roguelike.
At its core, it’s a roguelike, and people need to understand that. It has some multiplayer and social aspects mixed in to add to the experience; however, the leveling up of this game is purely based on dungeon run, death, reward, upgrade, and repeat. That’s not really your classic MMO. I would say once we see more of this game and once we see more multiplayer aspects that are integrated into the world it’ll officially be a hybrid of some sort.
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MMORPG? - Nah, probably Online RPG. Open World? - I don't see the open world here. I much prefer, Undawn or Life After. They have same style, Graphics and Gameplay but those two were Open World and MMO.
Nemuku Revenge9922023-08-06
Real MMO
When I see an “MMO”, I’m immediately skeptical about the game, because most often it’s a donation dump, in which everything comes down to monotonous gameplay, where you can’t even really interact neither with the world nor with other players, but in this game, surprisingly, there is a piece of each element that touches and awakens the desire to explore endless spaces, because around every turn something new and unusual awaits you, which will somehow affect the gameplay, constantly adding to your desire to continue learning. This is the good old Perfect World, only a little younger, just in its infancy.
Ellie Kin1K2023-11-26
Wonderers:Casual Action Battle GAMEPLAY
It's has an engaging gameplay mechanics that will keep players entertained and immersed in the game world. It also has visually appealing graphics and art styles with captivating storylines and well-developed characters often receive praise for their narrative elements. This also provides everlasting enjoyment as it has multiple endings, branching storylines, or multiplayer modes.
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