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Arknights: Endfield
The world of Arknights is expanding once again. Welcome to the Endfield.

The world of Arknights is expanding once again. Welcome to the Endfield.

18K View2023-10-28
About two years ago, HYPERGRYPH, the developer behind Arknights, revealed a series of new projects, including “Ex Astris" and "Arknights Endfield" The former is a single-player game, while the latter is a new game set explicitly in the "Arknights" universe. After these two years, this new game has finally unveiled a new promotional video and, more importantly, real gameplay footage.
In the promotional video, a character who identifies themselves as "Endministrator" awakens from slumber, having no knowledge of the "Zeroth Directive" or the "Endfield Industry." An adorable girl suggests that you've signed an agreement and have assigned a task to yourself.
The background music features distinct sounds reminiscent of medical monitoring equipment. The combination of this music and the narrative closely resembles the beginning of "Arknights." In a highly futuristic setting, the protagonist awakens with no knowledge, being told, "You are our hope and the most powerful leader." They are then assigned the task of saving the world.
The promotional video for "Arknights: Endfield," it's no exception. In this new game, the story takes place on a planet called Talos-II, not Terra, the setting of "Arknights." Talos-II features a vastly different ecological environment compared to Terra. The once-threatening Originium has become the cornerstone of civilization. However, Talos-II also faces its own survival threats, including Aggeloi and Blight.
To claim this uncharted territory, you, as the Endministrator, will need to lead your Operators into battle and make efficient use of available resources to establish a new society on this planet. In the gameplay video released alongside the promotional material, it's clear that the game is essentially split into two main parts: exploration and combat. Operators encounter adversaries in the vast outdoor maps before diving into intense battles. During these battles, the presence of a "break" mechanic is noticeable, hinting at an armor penetration and resilience system. Furthermore, in the Operator development interface, you can spot that Operator professions bear some resemblance to those seen in "Arknights.”
Moreover, life skills that originally appeared in "Arknights" are significantly enhanced in "Arknights: Endfield." Both in the promotional video and the gameplay demonstration, there's a strong emphasis on the importance of production elements in the game. As a player, it's highly likely that you take on the role of the 1st employee of Endfield Industrial, a company that seems to primarily focus on planetary exploration and extraterrestrial colonization. This concept naturally leads to considerations involving pipeline planning and industrial production.
For "Arknights" veterans, "Arknights: Endfield" promises a unique and intriguing experience. It doesn't just carry forward the artistic style and character design. In the promotional video, the speculation about the identity of the "Endministrator" at the end opens the door to various possibilities: "Many fear you. Some respect you. So, Endministrator, how should I address you? As a prophet or as a doctor?" According to the lore shared on social media, Endfield's Endministrator was in a dormant state. The question arises whether the protagonists of both games will have some connection. This remains to be discovered in the actual gameplay.
Finally, welcome to Endfield. Talos II is waiting for you.
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