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New Supercell game, I don't think it will go global

New Supercell game, I don't think it will go global

381 View2023-10-30
This month Supercell released a new game in beta only in the US and, being a passionate fan of all Supercell games, I couldn't help but try it out.
Unfortunately, having tried practically all of Supercell's beta games (especially those later abandoned) I have low expectations for mo.co
  The aim of the game is quite simple:
1. In your room a portal is generated and by entering that portal depending on the level you are you can decide to enter a world (or dimension idk).
2. Once inside you will find yourself with other players and together or as a single player you mainly have to hunt monsters and bosses to collect their loot.
3. When you have enough loot you can decide to leave the dimension and from the desk in your room you can 3D print your new weapons and upgrade them with monsters' loot.
Following Supercell's philosophy (i.e. that every game of theirs they want to be loved and played over time and not quickly forgotten) I don't think mo.co can reach these expectations even though I find it a nice game in itself. We'll see in the future
Observation: I don't know why but I notice a great resemblance to Flood Rush (another abandoned Supercell game), as if they distorted the idea of the game and then created mo.co

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Supercell has finally ventured into the MMO genre...
As a fan of Supercell, I have had some criticisms regarding the previous games that did not perform well. I even wrote another gamelist called "Supercell is really making new games just to kill them later...💀" to express my dissatisfaction with Supercell. However, this month, Supercell released news about a brand new game, and for the first time, they are venturing into the MMO genre. I'm really excited about it and looking forward to it. The new IP, monster-hunting game mo.co, as part of its strategy to take more creative risks.
I need the release!!
I'm eagerly anticipating Supercell's announcement of the release date for Mo.Co. The anticipation is building, and I can't wait to dive into the game once the date is finally revealed. The excitement of discovering what Mo.Co has to offer and experiencing the innovative features has me counting down the days until the official release. The beta test for Mo.Co was an exhilarating experience, offering a glimpse into the game's potential and leaving me even more eager for the official release. The gameplay was smooth, and the mechanics felt polished, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that Supercell is known for. As a beta tester, I have the privilege of witnessing the evolution of Mo.Co, and based on this preview, I am confident that it will be a groundbreaking addition to Supercell's lineup.
mo.co|Pokémon Meets Monster Hunter in Supercell’s Upcoming MMO
mo.co is a multiplayer online game that combines MMO, dungeon exploration, and open-world elements. Currently, only a select group of players have received trial access, and official recruitment reservations are available on the game's website. Testing is expected to begin in October. While the official test countries haven't been announced, we speculate it might be available in regions like the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. So, get your VPNs ready.
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