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BRIXITY - Sandbox&Multiplayer
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150 View2023-11-04
This game is not bad, but I get bored of it quickly because it's not my genre.
But I wish this game prosperity, and maybe I'll come back someday...
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Honestly is a good game but sadly not my taste. The graphics is nice and the play style is new to me, which I don't mind. The most important part is why didn't the game get any player. Anyways I think you should try it out.
good game but tbh it gets boring after your first playthrough cause you have to redo things all and over again, but I think that's the only thing that keeps you from enjoying it at its fullest
The game is very good and fulfills its purpose very well However, currently the game content is very small, you can do everything in one day I know the game is still in the development phase, but various features can be added to improve the game And it also has some bugs I intend to keep playing, as I said before, it's a good game to pass time for those who like the genre
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