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gosh i loved this game so much- i had been playing it for a long amount of time and i stopped for a bit too. right now i’m no longer playing pjsekai but there are a few things i like about it
🎮 Gameplay: the gameplay is very smooth and simple. it’s very different compared to other mobile rhythm games like bandori and they’ve been adding more functions (sudden stops, speeding and slowing) which makes it more interesting.
📖 Storyline: the storyline of the game isn’t so great. the repetitive patterns are obvious but it isn’t that bad either.
🎨 Graphics: graphics are amazing, because of the new season, sega has been changing the designs of the characters. but besides the characters, they had improve their art a lot and it shows by the cards.
i do have the japanese game of this and it’s by far way better because of the early updates they have. even though i’m not playing project sekai, it’s an amazing part of my life and i’m glad to still be a part of the community
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Totally get you. This game has a charm that's hard to resist.


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some stuff about pjsekai :3 (hatsune miku : colorful stage)
👍 Pros: doesnt lag that much for me! (might depends how much RAM ur phone has and memory as well) -also very easy to use! -and very fun ^^ 👎 Cons: takes a big while to download D: -really hard to farm but thats not rly a con ig? 😭 🎮 Gameplay: basically a rythm game where you can pull for new characters, and make ur own team! and you can ever watch the backstory behin every team :3👥 Multiplayer: there are 2 multiplayer modes, either virtual shows (that have specific times) and as well co-op matches! (play a round with other real players in your team!)
I think Project sekai is honestly a really amazing rhythm game, the songs are really fun to play and brings nostalgia to me as a old vocaloid fan. The characters all look really cool and pretty creative. Overall this game is 10/10 perfect if you love rhythm games and vocaloid❤️
Project Sekai JP Reviews
First, for anyone who have a problem downloading or updating from TapTap, just download the game from QooApp or search for another alternative download site out there. Ok, let's start the review. Pros : + One of the best JP rhythm game right now. So, it have a lot of active players in game. + Full of vocaloid songs. + Have 6 vocaloid characters and male characters. + Simple controls. + Simple UI and not stressful for eyes and brain.
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