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Legendary Fighter: Battle of G
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168 View2023-11-09
Nice game graphics and UI but update the game more frequently add multi-player mode. And some moves dont look like the moves in the anime like vegeta super sayian his Final Flash is literally blue and all enegry spheres are the same but just with different colors Nice game but im sure they can do better 😊
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A little bit more flashy Moves will be appreciated and I love how it's is not cluttered like other game so, you don't loss track of your characters in the middle of Fight. The graphics are valid. It's good but a little bit improvement in graphics please 👍
Bikram Shah572023-12-25
This game is very ,very best game ever I seen before , Graphics , control, heros and anime are also cloabrates in this game not only anime there are so many movies , characters skin is here , Very grateful and enjoyable game 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤
Wangchen Bhutia6082023-04-25
I like how clear the graphics are, but I felt a little disappointed in this game.
This game has great and clear graphics and well-detailed characters. And the fact that they gave me the right to choose a role for my character is great. It's also easy to play because it's auto-attacked. I didn't like how they placed the controllers, it almost occupies the screen. And while I was playing, it happened that I suddenly couldn't control it, then something suddenly popped up and said that the game was unexpectedly terminated, but they got to save my game, so it's okay, but it's a little bit disappointing.
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