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Blade of God II:Orisols
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717 View2023-11-10
THis game is just a mobile version of dark souls
But good
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Blade of God
Blade of God

Dear Inheritor, Thank you for participating in this Closed Beta Test. The positioning of Blade of God 2(Orisols) is a Diablo-style ARPG, not very soul-like, but with some soul-like feelings. This is based on our hope that more people will come to play. For example, pure soul-like players can play occasionally from a pure content experience perspective, and general action players can also experience some action and soul-like feelings on their phones~ We hope you can give us more feedback and suggestions, and we will collect and sort them out for optimization~


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It's like dark souls for mobile and it's very very great
Erfan Shiri4132023-11-28
Very good game like dark Souls
Junky Smash372024-02-04
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