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449 View2023-11-12
From my experience in playing the game and with the influence of my own preferences, I rate this game 4 stars.
Gameplay is good. Not necessarily needed to make strategies but I guess it's best to know how to manage your resources wisely.
Graphics is good, I guess. In my opinion, as an amateur artist, the art style is fine but it needs improvements.
Story, there is no story in the game to follow through. You are a cultivator in a cultivation world who probably aims for whatever answers you gave to the old man before you play the game.
Overall, the game is idle. The ranking system is not competitive, the players are mostly Chinese. I suggest for the game to add something like quests or interactive stories that forms the world building of the game because the game is sort of lacking, making it kinda dull.
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I rate this game 7/10.  The gameplay is nice but a bit slow.  The sounds and the atmosphere of the game are beautiful. But the thing that I did not like is the package system, because I do not have a Chinese account to charge, even if I have it, I will not charge in this game. I am waiting for the international version or adding an English language to this version.
This game is incredibly entertaining to play, be you a casual or invested player. The UI is incredibly designer, merging options into a a painting that is easily accessible. The actions throughout the game are simple to do and rewarding to the gameplay. The best part of the game I would mention are the ads. There are zero ads if you don't want to view them, but are incredibly rewarding if you take a few seconds to view them. In addition, the community ingame is very nice and helpful.
Good story and fun idle game that you want to come back every single time, it feels like its derived from a manga story which i find really interesting plot from a broke young entrepreneur to a promising star. i must say cons tho the Eng voice acting was off 4/10 , i hope it does improve because its like an automated A.i generated, the latter part v.a are chinese i say its 6/10 
Jae Cea1452023-12-25
Maze of Gods
Harekat 2 : Online
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