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547 View2023-11-14
🎮 Gameplay: You can def see that Most of the gameplay aged well why most well.... the gacha and farming part of the game Is bad and a Little to grindy
For the rest Is Crob but old soo im Just goona leave this review here but if you want i can explain the rest in the comments
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This game is average at best to me. Good for not being auto and gender-locked. Graphic's kinda boring, story's also quite boring with NPCs just standing one place giving quest after quest, and the battle is boring "hit till you win" system. At least you can do some sort of dodging with ranged attacks, I give it points for that. I guess I feel this way about this old game because of the modern HD games I've been playing...
Meltron 1K2022-03-16
Initial impressions of this game: it's pretty decent. The gameplay is fast paced and addicting. It's similar to PGR, but with some different mechanics. 👍 Pros: The sound design and music is good, makes the gameplay more engaging. Voice acting (in English at least) is just OK. I appreciate the effort but nothing special. I like how the level up mechanics are similar to the source material. 👎 Cons: The story does not take its time. They really want to get you into the action and teach you all the mechanics.  Some people may like that, but for me, it breaks the immersion. A lot of exposition to explain story beats rather than taking the time to show you. The pacing is too fast.
Story and graphics and even music they nailed it but the gameplay is just disappointing, ppl say its gud but its not rlly if u gonna play this game better off focus on the story cuz the gameplay isnt that great well it is gud but I wouldn't focus too much on it, gacha is just straight up dead I don't wanna talk abt it. The heights are recycled like their legs are too long but their knees THEIR KNEES!!!!
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