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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III
It’s Raining Really F****ing Hard

It’s Raining Really F****ing Hard

1K View2023-11-23
I’m not gonna hate this game for the sake of hating it like everyone else. I don’t see the point trying to fit in to a community of people to be liked. This game is ok. It’s not the best. But it’s exactly what a Call of Duty game is, and I’m unsure how people who genuinely dislike this game, see any different. The maps a great, the guns are great, the story is brilliant. That zombies mode too😮‍💨 for people who never played MW2, this will be a big surprise. Have a go at it before hating it, and I promise you, there will be something about this game to make you smile.
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People love to hate, but MW3 has always been a solid entry. Blast playing zombies mode!


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Call of Duty Modern Warfare III EARLY REVIEW - Good or Bad?
Why should Multiplayer or Zombies be restricted? The base game, albeit short and anticlimactic, with more questions than answers, continues to demonstrate how disconnected the developers are from the community and what we would consider decent campaign gameplay with decent optimization and less crashes. I haven't played Call of Duty in a long time, but aside from visual visuals and voice acting, it doesn't feel like anything has changed. It's the same on-rails game you remember, just a little less entertaining owing to age.
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Been playing this one with a few friends of mine, and so far, I don't have many complaints. I don't like the deep learning match making because you can definitely go from killing it to getting killed really quick and it takes forever going back to killing it, and after only a few matches of winning, going back into playing with sweats. The graphics are great, the gameplay is great, so nothing else I could knock the game on.
Great game! Considering it's a solo project...... don't know why people hating on it and most importantly they are comparing it with call of duty titles(* well u can guess how goodly bad something has to be , to compare it with call of duty titles) ...... anyway it's impressive
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