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Revelation M
Revelation SEA version is a mess right now

Revelation SEA version is a mess right now

918 View2023-11-25
> The recommended new server is always full so you have to pick one of the old ones that is not suprisingly
> Even if you set Language to English, the Voice is in Chinese still even tho before the current update the Voice was in English.
> Some phones find it laggy to play on OpenGL yet somehow the Vulkan one feels alot smoother
> Graphical Error like Textures missing everytime you change your graphic quality while in mid gameplay.
Ik Revelation M is supposed to be for Global Players but SEA players got the short end of the stick.
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It needs a lot of work


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Beta testing Revelation Mobile Global!!
Awesome game! Graphics is insanely good! Highly optimized! Openworld , Detailed character customization... What can I say, give this a try! The only downside is auto play options, but this wouldn't be helpful in boss dungeons and pvp. 🥲 What are u waiting for? Click the video!!
MezNova Kamlak9612023-11-27
Revelation: Infinite Journey - SEA Version | Official Launch Gameplay (Android/iOS)
Revelation: Infinite Journey - SEA Version | Official Launch Gameplay (Android/iOS) This is the message and value that NetEase and VNG want to introduce to our players. After 4 years of research & development, we want to introduce Revelation as a companion for players in their years of youth, a "haven" where players can relax and de-stress after a long day. In addition to amazing visuals & graphics, Revelation highly values the feeling of being your true self, to embark on any adventure in a vast world beyond the horizon of the sky and sea. Come to Revelation and explore the world with many unique features & experiences that we proudly believe “only Revelation” can provide.
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Its individual gameplay elements shine, but overall it feels unpolished | CBT Review - Revelation M
✨Overview Revelation M, also known as Revelation: Infinite Journey or Revelation: New World in other regions, is a MMORPG mobile game and an adaptation of the well-known global IP - Revelation Online - one of the most popular MMOs in Asia. After being released in areas such as SEA earlier this year, the global version, now titled Revelation M, is currently in closed beta testing, with a server open for the NA (North America) region.
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