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Rebel Bots: Epic War PvP RTS
Quick intense battles that follows the Clash Royale formula |Review - Rebel Bots: Epic War PvP Clash

Quick intense battles that follows the Clash Royale formula |Review - Rebel Bots: Epic War PvP Clash

787 View2023-11-28
Rebel Bots: Epic War PvP Clash is a unique blend of tower defense, card-collecting, and strategic combat. The title of the game can be a mouthful, but at least it can be pretty self-explanatory as it definitely involves Rebel bots, Epic wars, and PvP clashes, indeed. Offering short yet intense battles that can keep players coming back for more. The style and feel of the game is highly reminiscent of the game popular game Clash Royale. The history of the game is deeply rooted in the NFT/Web3 game Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars; and this game was created as a 'Web2 component' to it.

+Thrilling strategic depth
+Battles are fast-paced and demand quick decision-making
+A variety of cards and commander units to collect
+Commanders can be directly ordered and moved during battle instead of being stationary towers
-Disruptive pay-to-win elements; the monetization system creates an uneven playing field for all players
-Some minor technical quirks like not using the full screen of my phone
⭐️Score: 6/10
📖Story and Premise
Unlike traditional games, Rebel Bots: Epic War PvP Clash doesn't boast a complex narrative, but there is still somewhat a premise baked in it. Robots have revolved against humans, and have started a war for independence. Aiding them are also other humans who have supported these Rebel Bots and it sets the stage for the premise of PvP tower defense and strategic card battles.

🎨Graphics and Art Style
Rebel Bots features a visually appealing art style that combines charming characters with vibrant and detailed arenas. The cartoony graphics not only add a touch of humor but also contribute to the accessibility of the game, making it appealing to a wide audience. The animations are smooth, and the design of the various cards reflects the creativity of the developers. The game manages to strike a balance between simplicity and visual flair, ensuring that players can easily distinguish between different units and supports during the heat of battle.

The core gameplay of Rebel Bots revolves around 1v1, where players compete in real-time against opponents from around the world. Each player has a deck of eight cards with varying values depending on its power, and a resource system determines how frequently cards can be deployed. The strategic depth lies in the timing and placement of these cards, as well as the composition of the deck itself. Success requires a mix of offensive and defensive maneuvers, adaptability, and a keen understanding of your opponent's potential moves.

Players will build their decks using a collection of cards and commanders, with each card representing a different unit or support (such as air strikes). The goal is to deploy these cards strategically, destroying the opponent's commander unit while also protecting their own commander from that fate. The commander has a special ability — such as freezing units — and can move around the arena and take direct orders from the player, while the rest of his army can only auto-attack and auto-move like in an Auto-chess fashion. There’s total of 55 cards and 10 commanders (five humans and five robots) to collect. It's a simple and pretty straightforward game that you'll probably like it or not within the first 10 minutes of playing.

Battles are fast-paced and demand quick decision-making. It usually only takes under two minutes for the whole battle. The diverse range of cards, from swarming infantry units and bunkers to powerful Tanks and gunships, adds layers of complexity to the strategy. Successful players need to predict their opponent's moves, manage resource efficiently, and counter threats effectively. The thrill of a perfectly executed strategy or the heart-pounding intensity of a close match keeps players hooked and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

Rebel Bots employs a progression system that revolves around collecting and upgrading cards. As players win battles, they earn chests containing new cards, currency, and other resources. The more cards you collect, the stronger your deck becomes as you can directly upgrade cards with duplicates.  There's also a rank system to progress in by winning matches, unlocking a new rank will also unlock new cards and commanders. In addition, players will also have missions and milestones with corresponding rewards as well.
The progression system strikes a delicate balance, providing a sense of advancement without making it overly difficult for new players to catch up. However, the reliance on card upgrades might lead to a feeling of stagnation for players who struggle to obtain specific cards needed for their preferred strategies.

Rebel Bots utilizes a free-to-play model with in-app purchases, a common strategy in mobile gaming. Players can spend real money to purchase gems, which can be used to buy chests, or speed up the chest unlocking process. While the game is generous in providing free rewards through regular play, the monetization system creates an uneven playing field and technically makes this a P2W game.
Players who invest real money can progress faster and possess stronger cards, potentially leading to imbalanced matchups. If even if you have the same deck with similar unit and similar placements, that player with an upgraded deck would certainly win via their damage output and defense alone. However, the game does offer some semblance of chance for free-to-play players to compete, as skill and strategy also play crucial roles in victory.

📊Technical Performance
Rebel Bots: Epic War PvP Clash is played vertically on phones, and smoothly on a wide range of devices. However, there are still some bugs the I’ve experienced. First of all, the game does not use the full vertical resolution of my phone (1080x2448) for matches, and leaves a top and bottom black bar instead. I’ve also encountered an occassional game-breaking bug that completely froze the game whenever I clicked on a certain specific UI button. Having said all that, the game is generally stable perfomance wise, and I did not have any weird gameplay bugs or clunkiness.

Rebel Bots: Epic War PvP Clash is a game has successfully blended strategic depth with accessibility. Its engaging gameplay, vibrant visuals, and intuitive mechanics make it another potential go-to choice for players seeking quick, intense battles that follows the Clash Royale formula almost by the book. However, following the formula comes with some pay-to-win aspects that free-to-play players may find unfair. Still, I’d recommend a try.
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🎮 Gameplay : ⚪ Check Out My Channel For Other Android Mobile Gameplay : https://youtube.com/@PandaGameplaysz?si=MN1S8C_YgYetRV2E Thank You For Your Support 🖤🤍 =============================================== ⚪ About This Game Join the Epic War and command your military army to victory in fast-paced real-time strategy PvP battles between robot and human forces. Build your military battle deck, defend towers, collect powerful cards, and clash with your enemies in this rts battle royale arena or play with friends in MOBA multiplayer co-op mode. CHOOSE YOUR COMMANDER
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➡️Rebel Bots: Epic War PvP Clash now available for both Android & iOS devices (Selected region) ➡️Android:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rebelbots.epicwar ➡️iOS:https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/rebel-bots-epic-war-pvp-clash/id6468239441 if you enjoyed the video, drop a like &  Subscribe ➡️https://www.youtube.com/@ANDROOSGAMEPLAY Thanks for your support 🤍 ➡️About this Game: Command a robot army in PvP war, collect military cards, epic rts battle MOBA!
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