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[BETA] Kingdom: The Blood
[CBT] Kingdom: The Blood _ GAMEPLAY

[CBT] Kingdom: The Blood _ GAMEPLAY

205 View2023-12-07
A highly anticipated game currently in development with cross-platform support for PC and mobile devices. Based on the popular Netflix original drama, 'Kingdom,' which created a zombie frenzy set in the Joseon era, this action game has generated significant excitement among fans.
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[Gameplay] [CBT] Kingdom: The Blood
This action-packed game utilizes the popular IP of 'Kingdom,' a hit Netflix series that captivated audiences worldwide with its unique take on the zombie genre. Action Square had also announced that the game underwent Closed Beta Testing (CBT) in Korea last August.
Kingdom: The blood gameplay
This one is an action game based on the popular Netflix series Kingdom. I really loved that one! In the game, you fight through intense battles in a zombie-infested Joseon. The game is faithful to Korean culture, with traditional garments and combat moves. Your character's moves can be customized and upgraded.
Kingdom The Blood - Mobile Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS, PC)
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