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SPLATOON AT HOME!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ : Color Bang - Beta Impressions

SPLATOON AT HOME!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ : Color Bang - Beta Impressions

5K View2023-12-06
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ColorBANG - Splatoon for Mobile? (Closed Beta)
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Splatoon for Mobile, but actually better? | Gameplay - ColorBANG
ColorBANG is a 3v3 arena shooter with emphasis on capturing territory with the use of splashing colors around the map. The goal of the matches is to cover the arena with their teamโ€™s color, players get assigned to either team Pink or team Teal. The team that covers most of the field when the timeโ€™s up wins. You really have to roam the map and cover area as much as possible. Opposing teams can override each others paint, so it becomes a continuous color tug-of-war for territory until the 150 second timer runs out.
A game inspired by Splatoon shouldnโ€™t be this bland and boring
SHOULD I PLAY COLORBANG? It might be worth revisiting on full release, but definitely skip it for now. ColorBang offers nothing more than the opportunity to play a simplified, top-down version of Splatoon on mobile. While the game feels naturally fun to play for a short time, it doesnโ€™t deliver anything unique, creative, or worthwhile enough to keep me interested in the long run. TIME PLAYED I played
Jay Hunter9072023-12-07
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