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[Pocket Playfest 2023 Winter Edition] Gigabash Review

[Pocket Playfest 2023 Winter Edition] Gigabash Review

161 View2023-12-24
GigaBash is a thrilling multiplayer arena brawler that seamlessly blends the chaos of titles like Power Stone, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters with the awe-inspiring scale of classic kaiju movies. The game invites players to claim their place as king among Titans, offering a choice between rampaging Titans and Titan-hunting mechas. The game has been out on PC and consoles since last year, and has recently got its Ultraman DLC, following the Godzilla DLC last year.
The demo of the game only gave access to Couch Coop mode, with four maps and three characters unlocked, but so far the experience has been awesome and this is easily a game worth getting if you love Kaijus and have some buddies to play it with.
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Gigabash - Try Out The Game Through TAPTAP CLOUD GAMING During Pocket Playfest 2023
🎮 Game: Gigabash [Demo] 🍭 Platform: PC (Steam/Epic) | PS5/PS4 | Nintendo Switch | XBOX | ✨ Genre: Fighting | Party | Couch Co-Op | Multiplayer | Kaiju | Controller | 📱There is a 16 day event called the Pocket Playfest, starting on December 23rd until January 7th. During this time, you will be able to play 2 PC indie games a day, and users from North America will have 30 minute quotas to play these games every day! You can now play these awesome PC indie games for the first time on mobile devices thanks to TapTaps new cloud gaming service! Available during this event! The pocket playfest will also offer prizes for both developers and participants as well.
Sora Synn6332023-12-10
"Gigabash" is a vibrant and chaotic multiplayer brawler that delivers a nostalgic homage to classic kaiju and monster movies. The game's diverse roster of characters, each with unique abilities, ensures dynamic and entertaining gameplay. The destructible environments and over-the-top power-ups amplify the frenetic energy, making every match a thrilling experience. The colorful and lively art style adds to the game's appeal, capturing the essence of a kaiju showdown in a virtual arena. However, the learning curve might be steep for newcomers, and some may find the chaos overwhelming. Overall, "Gigabash" is a joyous celebration of monster mayhem, providing hours of entertaining and laughter-inducing gameplay for fans of party brawlers.
AbdulGaffar Ansari952024-01-01
GigaBash is a knockout multiplayer brawler that brings chaotic, action-packed battles to life. With a diverse roster of colossal kaiju-inspired characters and destructible environments, the game offers a blast of fun for both solo and multiplayer modes. Its vibrant visuals and accessible gameplay make it a standout choice for anyone seeking fast-paced, thrilling mayhem in a digital arena.
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