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Yeager: Hunter Legend
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577 View2023-12-29
Easy 4⭐. The game is good, progress system is decent, boss battle are great. Overall I love how this game players out 👍 Pros: graphics, grinding system, character customization.👎 Cons: After playing for sometime my phone was burning, also something my character starts glitching not a big issues but for some it might ruin their experience.I hope it will be better in future.
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👍 Pros: Characters well design amd good abilities 👎 Cons: no issues ATM. 🎮 Gameplay: it's a idle play but it's fun when you keep proceeding the game 🕹ī¸ Controls: simple đŸŽĩ Sound: the music is so amazing so far 🎨 Graphics: graphics is mostly 2d but sometime when you view your characters it goes 2d or 3d I must I've been playing the game for a couple days and I love it so far. It's your choice if you want to play it or not. Feel free to try it out. Welcome@2024
👍 Pros: I love the game but biggest drawback is 👎 Cons: The coins earning is very difficult 🕹ī¸ Controls: Sometimes its hard to move joystick but many times its ok 📖 Storyline: Its like Anime 🎮 Gameplay: Its very awesome 👌 🎨 Graphics: I have a low spec so i cant see it astonishing 💰 Value for Money: Many items need my pocket money đŸ¤ŧ Combat Mechanics: Please i beg of you increase the battle time 🏆 Achievements & Rewards: Its Ok
FF Scientist482024-04-10
Having so much fun with this game lately although its not the best game, but it's still enjoyable. 👍 Pros: I saw others complaining about how it doesn't have the 'auto' buttons thingy and god I'm glad this game don't have that button. That will only ruin the game that should be fun to play. This type of game have a lighter mood and not very hard in my opinion, the grinding should be focused on the type of equipment we needed, I just don't think its suitable to have auto in this game, this way everytime I have the chance to play I keep having the same amount of fun in it without having the thought to be lazy.
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